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Harmonious and inclusive, science and technology first, talented people, pragmatic innovation.

Jiangsu woze photoelectric technology co. LTD.

Jiangsu woze photoelectric science and technology co., LTD. is one of the main products of special lamps series for SEMI/TFT-LCD/LED/PCB (75w-16000w), technical development, technical service and so on. At present, in the integrated circuit LED chip industry used in the middle and high end lithography machine.


Our company was founded by the returning engineer, who owns the leading level of the industry and the core technical team.


The company's business philosophy: professional, dedicated and focused, meet the customer's demand is our high and unsatisfied standard, we will continuously improve ourselves, to provide the most excellent service to the majority of customers.

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Jiangsu woze photoelectric technology co. LTD.
Mr. Fu: 13912334747.
Mr. Liu: 13771217999.
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Address: 105 Xili Road, Ligang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province


It is mainly engaged in special lamps series for SEMI/TFT-LCD/LED/PCB, advanced production technology and excellent product quality.
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